...and they lived happily ever after

remember the baby squirrel saga?

i have an epilogue. the rehabilitator emailed me to ask if i would be willing to let her release them in our backyard. *shrug* sure, why not...they were 'mine' to start with. she also had two other rescued squirrels that came along too.
her husband screwed a nesting box high up in a tree and opened the hole and we sat back and watched them run around exploring all the tree tops. it was cute...i know, i ustah hate squirrels in my backyard, but these are my squirrels...that perspective changes things (funny how that happens, huh? life lesson..?...)

anywhoo- here's two- one in the feed box (i put out food til they find their own natural resources) and if you look, there's another on the ground.

so now i have four new neighbors...and all the distraction that comes with them :)


  1. How very sweet! I'm glad they're back in their natural habitat.

  2. Oh wow! That's so cool. We don't have squirrels here in NZ so I think they are adorable! Well done for being so accommodating. I'm sure they're going to enjoy living with you again.

  3. Now, let's just hope that Lucky doesn't get them or any of their off-spring!
    There aren't nearly as many squirrels up here in Kentucky, but the place is crawling with bunnies. We allegedly have a coyote problem, but it is hard to believe when there are so very, very many bunnies. You'd think the coyotes would eat at least some of them. I love to see the little bunnies hopping around, though, and my dog Jesse is far too old to catch any of them by now. Most of the time, truth be told, he doesn't even see them!

  4. Cute!
    Savannah, GA


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