just one innocent question...

i went to a local pet supply chain today and while i was waiting i noticed a lady carrying a light fixture box wearing a confused look. the box was the dead giveaway- she didn't belong in a pet store.

so i asked one simple innocent question:

What's in the box?

turns out, english was not her first language and between my very basic knowledge of spanish and her understanding of my english (and some great charades action) i found out that two baby squirrels fell out of her chimney...ahh, the signs of spring :)

so she opens the box and i'm horrified to see she has them bedded in fiberglass insulation..i told her she needed to call Animal Control. no go- language barrier. then she hands me the box and says "you take" i didn't know if it was a question or statement. she turns an walks away- yup- statement.

so here i am in the middle of the pet store the brand spanking new guardian of two BABY squirrels. no good deed goes unpunished. thankfully the staff helped me get them out of that fiberglass and in some nice soft bedding in a more appropriate carrier.
get ready for some serious cuteness!

davis said i'm no longer allowed in the house without a pocket search and a thorough pat down.

but i did find a great new use for my scraps. the babies seemed to really like them.

i am waiting for traffic to die down and i'm off to the local rehabilitation center.


  1. What sweet looking little vermin! With care they will soon be bedeviling someone's backyard bird feeder. Hopefully not mine!

  2. That is really...really...cute! Lucky you!

  3. Oh my goodness! How adorable and what a great story. Thanks for sharing. They are too cute!

  4. How cute are they!! And a pat down could be fun :)

  5. Arggg...Shannon....they're grey squirrels....we only like red native squirrels....cos those grey ones force out our natives....but got to admit...they are kind of cute!

  6. so stinkin' cute! my sister in law raised some orphaned squirrels one time - they were a *handful* from what I hear! Good luck finding a wildlife rehabber to take them, let us know how it goes!

  7. They are adorable.....

  8. What on earth are you going to do with them?

  9. They are adorable! My husband would have a fit though 'cause I expect I would have a hard time letting them go. My prayers are with them that they grow up strong and healthy.

  10. Cynthia WillardMarch 16, 2011

    Baby squirrels have to be bottle fed every couple of hours. You can take them to a local vet, and they have people who can do this.

  11. Try AWARE in Lithonia. I have a friend that volunteers there and has rehabilitated some baby squirrels.

  12. they are in safe hands. i took them to a licenced rehabber last night that specializes in squirrels.

    she said they are approx. 5-6 weeks old.

    the little girl squirrel's eyes had opened between her photo shoot with me and being taken to the rehabber.

    they are healthy (all things considered) and will saty wuth the rehabber and she will release them once they are full grown!


  13. Here kitty-kitty-kitty!

    I know..I'm tacky, but I detest squirrels!

  14. Awww..that was seriously too cute! What a good girl you are to take these babies off her hands!

  15. oh how cute!!!! I want one. Well, maybe not. My friend had one when I was teenish. The thing was so friendly, would perch on my shoulder and walk around the house, but boy that thing loved to tear things up. {they just let him run free in the house, he was even potty trained}


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