my cover came...

...finally!  thought i would never get here. it looks really good. my favorite feature is that it is very thin and barely there. the color resolution from my photo to the transfer is spot on. i LUV it! now i can carry my Squilt with me where ever i choose to go :)

if you want your own, go here, and use the coupon code CM05-AR20 and receive 20% off. i'm not affiliated in anyway- just sharing.

i have been quilting, but like i mentioned before, they are mostly show quilts and i don't share those pictures til after the show (in september)...

here is madeline's cute little fall quilt. i adore the applique along the bottom.

i quilted a swirly 'wind' E2E design in the leaf blocks, CCed the HST border with a brassy yellow thread. i changed to a dark grey and SID the applique and meandered behind it. (could i fit any more acronyms in that sentence??)

it turned out great!


  1. Yummy quilts, and stinkin cute cover.

  2. Darling cover!!! Pretty quilt too.

  3. Love the kitchen sink quilt! I love using what I have already made to make something else.



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