just stitchin' along

it's been a while since i posted....nothing's happening. it's been a boring mundane couple of weeks. obviously the universe didn't get the email that i need something interesting to happen to me at least every other day so i can blog about it :)
i did finish some quilts:
i quilted lucinda's bom from a LQS

and i quilted two for theresa
a B&W pineapple

and a purple and red T

Lisa invited me for another sew-in.
my featherweight and Tangled on the TV...it was awesome to get outta the house. it's nice to talk to people and actually have them talk and answer back, barney makes for very one-sided conversations.


i took the opportunity of her balcony to get a picture of my echoes of color quilt. it's big- 98" square. this is the quilt i made from all those strips. see the homespun backing peeking out..i love that!!

i also worked on my *fingers crossed* first quilt that i intend to pattern and sell.

my back/shoulder is feeling better. still taking it easy...davis assumed the 'caretaker' role quite happily and i quickly got use to being 'caretaked'


  1. Echoes of colour- what an apropriate name, it is lovely

  2. You have been really busy! Love your new quilt top...there's a lot of work in those blocks!

  3. Love the echoes of color - just amazing.


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