i spoke to soon...

the universe got my email.

last night was scary windy weather. we were fortunate to have the worse just north and south of us. boy that wind- sounded like we lived next to a freight train interchange. i was surprised to never hear the weather siren tho...Ringold is north of us and they got hit really bad. Sew Be It quilt shop is in ringold and i called to check on them with no answer to my call. my thoughts go out to all those lost loved ones and now have to worry about rebuilding.
then i leave today to run an errand and come home to the subdivision being blocked by crime tape....WTH!

someone was murdered five houses up from us. what a sad, sobering moment. makes the weather last night seem so miniscule.

i knew something was up. all the emergency vehicles (squard cars, K9 officers, SWAT, and 6 detectives!) going the same direction as me- not good.  i pulled in just as the police were stretching the tape across the street. i had to park on the curb and walk behind the houses to get home. they caught 2 of the 3 suspects. they were young too, 4 lives ruined in the blink of an eye over something stupid.

hug your loved ones. like they say, "you're not promised tomorrow. today might be it."


  1. It seems you've had more than your share of excitement. I hope things settle back into something resembling normal for you soon.

  2. Yikes - no more emails to the universe for you!

  3. I hope that Sew Be It staff are OK. I am sure they are the ones we met in Houston. Great to hear that you are safe too.

  4. So true. Everyday is precious!

  5. Glad to hear you are safe. Wow, I have never been that close to a crime scene.

  6. I'm glad you weren't impacted by the storms but you sure had enough excitement to last a year!


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