my forum swap mini

my miniquilt from the forum came today! my swap partner was leslie in texas...

isn't it beautiful! i love it. the colors and design are's measures 20" square.

i've already hung it  opposite of my studiothat way i see it everytime i come and go. i hung it on point and it's perfect for that spot!

thank you leslie!!

look at her micro quilting...all those itty bitty feathers!

and she included some great goodies.

i like participating in swaps. as a quilter it's really the only time a quilt gets made for me. plus, it's fun to make something for another quilter that might push you out of your comfort zone...i encourage my readers to try it if you have the oppurtunity.


  1. Wow that came out great. How cool to have received and given such nice things through a swap. Hoping someday to be good enough to participate in one :)

  2. I had you on my mind last night. I appreciate you visiting my blog! Should have known you would take up for the snake!!! lol Love ya!


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