is the bobbin half full or half empty?

i wanted to share a 'lightbulb' moment that i had last week. i made a quilt that i'm hoping to make my first payfer needed to be quilted (duh). it's a muli colored top with a neon pink solid colored backing. i use my favorite thread in the needle (maxi-lock tye dye punch) and i usually pick bobbin color by which ever thread i already have many bobbins wound. as i started looking at my bobbins (i wind my own btw) i noticed i had lots of half full bobbins that were of similar colors to the top.

i used all my 1/2full bobbins on the back! i just popped one in and when it ran out, i just threw in another- paying NO attention to that one's color! (i did knot and bury 'cause the backer fabric would of showed it off in a bad way)

the result: a great looking backing that looks like i used a varigated thread and i emptied out some bobbins of colors i rarely ever used!!

to be honest- i wasn't sure this would look good once finished, but after i finished quilting, unloaded, and flipped it over *grin* it looks better than anticipated!
it's hard to show in a picture- see the all the different colors! it looks better in person- now the back has visual interest as well!    that's my quilty 'happily ever after' :)

i found one drawback to blogging- i DVRed the royal wedding to watch later today and everyone is talking about it. i've gotten good at throwing my hand up to block the pictures til the next blog loads...*lol*

i want to remind those that are collecting my BOMS...sunday is the day that april's block will be retired. AND *a little grr* i got tons of emails of people wanting the retired block's instructions so i posted them in my Etsy store and not a single block has sold, so i have decided- get while it free or it's gone...forcver. not being snarky, but did you know it costs to post items for sale on Etsy whether they sale or not???


  1. Love the bobbin idea. I bet it looks great.

  2. I really, really like this idea. I am going to use it someday on just the right quilt. Kudos~! It looks great.

  3. Genius! I bet it looks great too!


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