tornado relief

Mississippi Tornadoes 2011wow- i took a lunch break and watched the news...holy cow! the pictures and stories coming out of north georgia of the devastation from the tornadoes is absoulety heart wrenching. i received an email from nancy and SewBeeIt in ringold was destroyed.

Red Cross Newsroom Link

i went and found the links for the Red Cross chapters for the specific areas hit.
Northeast Georgia Red Cross
Northwest Georgia Red Cross

the one story that just makes my blood b.o.i.l! is that looters are already taking advatage...seriously!!? that mentality sends my temper to undescribable levels.....

these are my 'neighbors' i already have plans on how i am going to help...


  1. People need to take stock from the people of Japan, orderly, kind, no looters.....I just don't get it....

  2. Please let me know what I can do to help also.
    The destruction in Alabama is just horrible.


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