weekend roundup

emily's ny beauty went home this weekend...
it was a fun quilt to quilt and very bright!

the colors are right up my alley!

the weather was too beautiful to just  sit inside and let it go to waste. after being cooped up for weeks with the cold temps, ice, and snow- this was a welcome break. it was almost 70degrees yesterday and 65degrees today!

i took barney to the dog run and will be giving him a bath shortly. he stinks!

i flung some arrows...sweet. i'm feeling more comfortable and getting good at hitting the dot i'm aiming at!

davis and i will join some 3D archery tournaments this spring (it's redneck golf :) ) should be fun! i'm excited! it will give me lots of quality practice. hopefully i'll get good at guessing yardage. now, to just get over the go-up-a-tree-to-hunt thing so i can archery hunt this season!


  1. That quilt is absoutely amazing!!

  2. The quilt is wonderful. I love bright quilts and that one is over the top! Amazing!

  3. What an amazing design on this quilt! And your quilting is spectacular!

  4. Awesome quilt.It`s stunning.!!


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