wrinkles are only cute on shar pei puppies

(say it with me- "awww!")

where are wrinkles not cute? in the backing fabrics for quilts.

i hate ironing backings.  murphy's law -my iron will decide to spit out the most nastiest of stains only when i iron a customer's backing.

i have a trick to eliminate having to warm up the spitting beast.

i keep a spritz bottle with water in it by my machine. when i get a shar pei backing, i give it a nice mist of water and roll it onto my frame as usual. the water along with my smoothing it as i roll will remove most wrinkles.

however- this method will not remove stubborn deep creases or the bolt fold...


  1. Okay, but the puppies ARE really cute!

  2. nice topic and very cute doggies! I use Mary Ellens Best Press for those stubborn ones. Works for me.

  3. i forgot- i wonder if Downy Wrinkle Release would work like the Best Press would?

  4. I was at my vets office once and a woman kept calling out for her puppy. It was one of those dogs and the name she kept calling was "Raisin". I thought it was so cute!


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