birthday summary!

i know that y'all are excited to hear about all this!!

my cookie cake from davis, complete with princess wand candles for 'her majesty'

my friend Lisa also helped add to the girth of my waistline :) it was delicious and i ate the whole thing!! by m.y.s.e.l.f ! i was told that if you eat your own birthday cake that the calories don't count....right? :)

see that brown icing- that was not just brown icing...nuh-uh...that was chocolate fudge icing! i had a sugar rush or two or three...

look how thick it is was! oh my cookie goodness...

here's the cute little bug pouchy thing that davis found for me- it's sooo cute! it sits next to my computer monitor.
and here's all the S blocks!!! now when i posted that i wanted blocks from my blogland friends i underestimated y'all! i thought i'd get 6 -10 and i felt that was being optimistic!

grand total: 38!! holy cow!! thanks you all!! i have a quilt on my LA that i have to get done today, then i'm all about playing with my blocks! i have a border and backing already picked out and i promise a future post of that- you'll get a kick outta it, i promise!

the one that traveled the farthest came all the way from scotland! i got 3 from canada and one from alaska! i must admit- canada has some very pretty stamps!! HEY USPS- get some artists to design some artistic stamps like canada!

a big thank you! to all S block contributors:
alberta p-judy j-saska-deb b-diane w-lisa d-michele b-goergia k-ronnie m-tracey p-karen k- kay-lisa w-dee t-lisa n-julie a-linda l-dory m-brenda s-wille l-karen m-cindy t-leslie m-leslie c-kathy w-kathy s-meg f

i will treasure this quilt forever!
meg even included some cookie treats for barney. i knew something was up with that particular envelope. barney was very insistent on me opening it...the power of his nose never ceases to amaze me....


  1. Happy Birthday. I'm glad to see my block got there.

  2. Happy Birthday! Glad you liked the Canadian stamps!
    Those sure are fabulous blocks...can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. Happy Birthday-that's gonna be a Super Special Quilt!

  4. Glad to see mine made the long trip!
    Question - why is the last S in the bottom row turned? Or is that just a whoops :)
    Looking forward to see how you quilt this one.


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