may i ask another favor...?

i know i ask a lot of favors, but i do keep up and read all my followers' blogs, but alas, some are more difficult than others...

i read all my blogs in google reader and if you have your blog's site feed set to 'short' i only see a couple of sentences...

would you please go and double check that your blog's feed is set to full...
1. go to the dashboard page
2. click on Settings tab
3. click 'Site Feed'
4. in the drop down manu beside 'Allow Blog Feeds' chose 'full'

my poor little computer is getting slow and going to each blog individually crashes it's little digital brain, plus-i want to read your blog as you've typed it with all your pictures...thanks!


  1. Checked mine and it said full!!! I need to ask you a do you read it in the google reader? Dumb question but I really don't know.

  2. I also read blogs through Google Reader and find the partial feeds annoying, too. Mostly, I don't bother to click on them, unless I feel I really can't do without it. Most people who offer only partial feeds are obsessed with their hit counters! If you only read through reader (or rss feed) then you don't click through to their blog (unless you want to make a comment) and it doesn't count in their statistics.


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