it's still here.....

the snow is still here joined by its bothersome accomplice, ice. an unforeseen problem had arisen from the weather. see, the other day we had sleet/freezing rain, so the top of the snow has a nice thick icy crust. so when you step, the ice shatters like glass.... davis comes frantically through the door carrying barney. *oh my gosh* apparently the broken ice crust is sharp enough to cut puppy paws. we cleaned them up and have administered proper medical care. no vet visit seems necessary ....lucky got a paw check and he has a small cut's official, i'm hating the snow- it hurt my dogs!

in other news-
i spent the afternoon cutting seams from all the jeans i've accumulated to make a 'gee's bend' inspired quilt. stay tuned....that is my next 'to-do' quilt.

i'm looking forward to playing with liberated and improvisional piecing using old jeans...i'm eyeing the 'housetop' design. 


  1. Oh poor little Barney! Who would have thought that could happen. I hope he gets better soon. And I can't wait to see this quilt you are gonna do with jeans!!!

  2. Hmmm....interesting...(I'm cupping my chin with my right hand and rubbing with my thumb)!

  3. Ouch! That looks like it hurts.

    I have been sorting jeans and thinking of using a foundation, but I have not yet started cutting. Can't wait to see what you do. Karmen

  4. He needs some boots. My dogs can't stand wearing anything on their feet but it would be great to cover their feet and send them out.

  5. I'm with you...I am done with this "oh, it's going to snow and be so pretty". They never think of the aftermath and ice! Hope the dogs heal quickly. Cabin fever setting in too.


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