getting my groove back

after the holidays i'm having a hard time getting back into my 'normal' quilting routine... 

i have been quilting and since this is suppose to be a quiting blog....

first up- jane's mistletoe quilt...

* you can click on a pic for a larger view, then click the 'back' button on your browser to come back to the blog *

and her three elf legs wall hangers

and her harvest quilt from the cutest panel

those prairie points are 3D

then i quilted my tenn tshirt quilt

i used my 'maze' design. i haven't quilted it in a while, so i dusted it off.

i used a wally world sheet for the backing. i wanted to see how it quilted...just fine and a backing for $8! that fits my budget. i wouldn't put a sheet on the back of a show quilt, but for utilitarian quilts, this works just fine.

i quilted erica's airplane quilt that is a gift for her grandson. i like the stars in the red squares.

then this asian fabrics quilt

i finished it just before christmas

see, i've been busy...


  1. fabulous!!! love them all...but those elf legs are especially cute ;)

  2. You are just going to town..all the quilts are wonderful!

  3. I agree with what Dianne said, all Quilts are great but I love those Elf legs:-) they are wonderful.

  4. The quilts and quilting are beautiful. Where did they get that elf leg pattern?

  5. Love them all. The mistletoe! And the quilting you used in the border of it is great. Is that a personal design you worked up? Details, please...I really, really like it.

  6. Nice job on the machine quilting! I like the maze design.

  7. Love the Asian fabric windows quilt. What panto did you use on it? It looks great.

  8. You sure have been busy!! That's a month's worth of work already done!

  9. I wish I could show that much accomplishment. Beautiful quilts and quilting.

  10. You have been ver busy!!!
    I love the Christmas applique quilt, your quilting on it suits it perfectly. I have such an affinity to applique and that one looks classic with a modern edge, perfect match with your quilting. Did I say love it!
    Normally I am not a huge fan of t-shirt quilts but you knocked that one out of the park, and the quilting is fabulous!


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