it's the little things....

davis is a great resource for unconventional needed crafty supplies and over the years has learned to stop asking what i am going to use my special requests for.

recently i needed a big chunk of good, sturdy, clean cardboard.  not to be out done, he brings me a box that a light fixture was packed in. this box was 2foot by 4 foot. PERFECT...

i grabbed my utlity knife and started cutting....

this is just what i wanted!!! some masking tape and i have a fence for my sewing machine!

i got tired of her jumping off the table and trying to run away...

just kidding!

my sewing machine cover needed some support. the cover was a bit flimsy and it needed some reinforment....ahh, order has been restored in the studio :) it's the little things.


  1. Great idea and a another great way to recycle.

  2. That's a beautiful swing machine cover! Very clever support system too.

  3. What a great idea!! And I love the cover you made. Gorgeous!

  4. "i got tired of her jumping off the table and trying to run away..."

    LOL!! Just for a *second*, I was trying to imagine this in my mind. You almost had me. :-)

    Excellent solution.

  5. Oh, I want one!!!!!
    Both the machine and the fabulous cover!!!

  6. Beautyful quilt design on the cover and a clever way to support the flimsy-ness. I think my Bernina nedds such one also...

  7. What a great idea to support the cover! I may have to make one for mine as we have nosey cats. What are you using to hold the large spool of thread on your old machine? I have a 15-91 Singer that I love.


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