pin bling

this is my pincushion. its magnetic and well, a little boring. don't get me wrong, i love my pincushion. it is after all a much needed notion if you sew! but after all these years i wanna look at something different, something with a little more 'bling'

let's make a pretty magnetic saucer pincushion!!


let's collect what we need.

first you'll need to track down 'power magnets' i found mine at Hobby Lobby. three pack for $3...make sure they are power magnets. they will look like watch batteries. you'll need two for this project.

next, a trip to the local thrift store to find some nice teacup saucers that have long ago lost their mate. they were very budget friendly- less than $1 each. look for a distinct circle in the middle with slightly raised edges. flip the saucer over and double check that the bottom has a indent deep enuf to 'hide' the magnets.

i like to pretend that the saucers are so sad sitting there on the shelf knowing that without the teacup thay are undesired. then i come along and buy them and give them a second life....i need to get out more :)'ll need some super glue too. i like the squeeze control gel. (if you get super glue on your fingers- acetone fingernail polish remover will get it off)

okay so let's make a pretty pincushion...

i took some sand paper and roughed up the glaze on the bottom of the saucers. i just wanted to make sure the glue had a good surface it could bond to. wipe it and the magnets with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils and residue to help the glue have a good bonding surface. honestly- this was probably over kill because the magnets will hold themselves pretty good just from the attraction of the pins...

now a short science class. magnets have poles and will either repeal or attract depending on which end of the pole is close to another magnet. this is important because we don't want the repeal in our magnet once glued to the saucer.

glue one magnet to the bottom of the saucer close to the edge of the indent for the teacup. wait a couple seconds for the glue to set..........then flip the saucer over and 'stick' some pins the saucer. now place the other magnet on the bottom of the saucer. the pins will help hold it. if it keeps sliding away from the first magnet, flip it over. (this is the poles attracting or repealing) remove the magnet, making sure that you place the glue on the side the was against the saucer. i placed my magnets about one onch the magnets as far apart as your indent will allow.

let the glue set- an wha-la! a pretty magnetic pincushion that is inexpensive enough to make for all your quilting friends!

Em over at Em Celebrates is running a blog theme that celebrates the sewing notions behind the scenes. this qualifies as celebrating the humble pincushion!


  1. Giggle! I love your pin cushion I mean pin holder.. but what really made me giggle was the note on how to get the glue off of your fingers.. does that come from personal knowledge?? Giggle again. Love the pin holders.. they are VERY Cute!

  2. So it!!

  3. love this one, can't wait to try it!!

  4. Neat idea, Shannon. I have two indoor cats who love to knock things off the sewing table. Even with carpeted floor I am afraid one of these would not last long and it would not be nearly so pretty made with a plastic (Melamine) dish. I'll have to show you my Big Chicken pin cushion made from a few bits of an old cutter quilt one day.

  5. Oh what a great idea - good invention and am sure those saucers would like a new lease in life.

  6. I'm going to have to start looking for the perfect saucer -- that is a great project!


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