celebrate with me!!!

my birthday is two weeks away (01/23) and i have a request...

i'd like all my friends from Blogland to make a 'S' block and mail it to me :)

S Block Directions .pdf (link haqs been disabled)

it's a simple block. it took me less than 10 minutes to sew.

I like: contemporary brights, batiks, and Kaffe Fasset...i like the colors of this, this, this, and this

i don't like: 'traditional' colors, civil war reproductions, 30s fabric, or novelties..(this time)

it should take a first class stamp to mail one folded in an envelope.

please don't leave a comment or email me to tell me your participating! i LOVE getting surprises in the mail!

oh this is going to be so much fun!!!!! *squee* i'll post a picture on January 24th of the block(s) i have received....

oh i almost forgot- please don't forget to sign your block!!!! thank you so much! let the fun commence!


  1. Picky! Picky! I had some lovely dog fabric to use in your block, too!

  2. Shannon,
    Well, now I know who to blame for my growing list of ongoing projects!!!
    Looks like so much fun, and since you twisted my arm with all the great pictures I will have to join in on the fun. I love how thorough your directions are right down to the perfect pressing!!! You are da BOMb (sorry couldn't resist)
    Just to let you know there is a typo in your directions for the setting triangles. For both the C & D background fabric triangles you list 24 squares to be subcut into triangles you actually need 48 squares to be subcut into 96 triangles seeing as 2 are needed for each setting triangle therefore 8 of both are needed for each block times 12 blocks for a grand total of 96 background C & D triangles. Your directions for cutting the necessary number of strips is bang on though :) Hope this helps. And once again, THANKS for doing this YEAH!!

  3. Where on the block do you want our signature?

  4. debbie- you can sign them wherever you see fit :)

    anon- you can use dog fabric ifnyawanna...

  5. Let's just say someone wanted to make a block for you...where would they send it?!?


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