two more flimsy finishes....

i've been working on getting my UFO pile under's the shop hop top all sewn together....i even got the binding made. all i need is backing.....i'm L.O.V.I.N.G. the applique....and i (heart) the outer border fabric, it's so perfect....

here's another flimsy finish. long time readers will (maybe) recognize the tulip blocks. this is one of the first applique projects i started. it's from one of Pat Sloan's books....

it's nice to see the difference in the first 'traditional' applique project with my just finshed latest one...i started my applique adventure with traditional hawaiian appliques...i'll post those one day...


  1. 2 very different quilts-both are great! woo-hoo for getting 'em done!

  2. you, my dear have been very very busy! no wonder I haven't heard from you today!

  3. They are both fabulous!

  4. Oh my goodness...both quilts are soooo beautiful!!

  5. Wow, I love how you've have progressed!
    I love your colour choices for your latest have a great eye..can't wait to see them quilted!

    Beat Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  6. WOWZERS!! I can't wait to see them finished. They are fabulous!!

  7. OMW! you have been busy! really beautiful, both of them - loove the colours!

  8. Hey Shannon,I have been trying to email you but they keep coming back. I did remove the spaces. I wanted ask you a question about the quilt that the quilter missup for me . Do you have a new email address?

  9. I really like what you did with the tulip blocks, it is lovely.
    The other one is stunning and more you. You have such an amazingly great talent!!


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