green with envy

i am so jealous....i would love to be able to lay in the sun taking it easy...

but i'll have to get lucky to do it and tell me later what it feels like...

on the quilting front- i am busily working on a client quilt which i'm hoping to have finished later today!

plus- i have made 5 of the BOM blocks! and folks- it's to die for!! it's going to be a drop dead quilt!! a quick link to january's block is over there ---> in the side menu....get it while it's hot!

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  1. Doesn't that spot in the sun look wonderful! I'm so excited about your BOM...I found your last one very late in the game so I didn't partake but this time I am! I love your colors in the first block and I'm trying really hard not to copy. I will post it in flicker as soon as I finish...I'm still working out the colors I'm going to do. But I am a batikaholic so I will definitely be using batiks.


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