thanks to all the comments on which layout you guys liked. it was a high comment post....but the incomplete circles was not my favorite. i liked the randomness of the traditional X layout. i felt that the circles were too familiar and literal. i wanted a more scrappy feel for the quilt.

so here's a picture of the completed flimsy! the picture doesn't do it justice, plus it's so big (84 x 105) that i can't get a good full picture of it....

moving on to the next one.....


  1. Love it! Can't wait to see how you quilt it!!

  2. Lovely! The curved lines, greens and soft orange/peach tones make me hungry for cantalope. Love the colors!

  3. Boy were we wrong! LOL
    Glad you went with what you liked and didn't let us sway your decession.

  4. Well, I missed getting to vote on which one that I liked but to tell you the truth, I love them both. I was too busy out in the woods!!! Ha!!!

  5. Love the colours of this....that blue just makes it zing!

    Kay in Scoltand


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