the other white meat!

tonight for dinner- BLTs....

everything is better with bacon...

the most imporant thing about BLTs? keeping the bacon flat. notice how flat that bacon is? i'm gonna share my top secret technique (and you thought all i could do was quilt...)

first, use low sodium thick cut bacon and cook it in the microwave between layers of paper towels. i cook a whole package at a time...i put three slices per layer with two paper towels inbetween...use good quality paper towels. cheap ones will fall apart from the grease.  so i cook the whole layered mess in the microwave on high for four minutes, then flip the whole sandwich over, then four more minutes, etc. check the bacon in the middle for done-ness. if you don't flip the whole thing, the bacon on top will burn and the bottom layers will never get crispy..don't let the bacon cool in the paper have to peel it off while it's still hot or it'll stick and be ruined.

an added benefit to this- the bacon isn't greasy (the paper towels will be) so it doesn't make the bread soggy...

hey- BLTs are an took years to prefect the method 8>)...don't get me started on the mayo....


  1. And BLTs are the bestest! As a kid I used to eat them every day. Now I try to have at least one a week. But I will try your cooking method although I am not sure the house will smell as good. ;-)

  2. MMMMmmmmmm.....'Bacon butties', my GK's come over for a bacon butty every Sunday they come now!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland


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