winner winner, chicken dinner

i'm a slacker- beat me with a wet noodle! i'm just now getting around to postng the winner of lucky's photo caption (2 points if you actually remember that)

without any more delay, the caption i liked the best was:
Vicki W....she won a custom made bento box tote from me and picked red and black as her color combination. that was not easy for me, as i have no red in my stash. i'm not a red fan...i made it and mailed it and she let me know she recieved it...i promise to not to take so long next time....

i would like to *wave* at all my readers! i noticed i now have 141 followers! thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!


  1. now that's a cute caption! Nice job on the bag!! :)

  2. Thank you again, I LOVE my red and black bag! It's already employed. :)

  3. Love the bag and Congrats to the winner!

  4. Congrats to the winner, I know first hand what awesome work you do!


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