trade quilting

a while back, i traded quilting with a lady from my LA forum, Monika...i quilted hers and mailed it. since she has offically recived her quilt (mine she quilted is here) i can post pictures.

it was big!!

i like how the black backing shows the quilting.

(you can click the picture for a bigger, better view. just click the back button on your browser to come back here)

she blogged about it on her blog here (she has good pictures of it on a bed)

(notice my new signature? what's that? you want one too, huh? can get your very own by following Jennifer's tutorial on her blog. :) )


  1. I love your quilting on this!

  2. Oh your work is absolutely gorgeous! The quilt is too but your quilting is beautiful. And I love your signature. I will go and check that out!

  3. I am not a fan of machine quilting but now and then I see some that actually makes the quilt look stunning. Yours certainly fall into that catagory!


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