role reversal

i've had this quilt as a flimsy for a really looonnggg time....probably 7-8 years. everytime i dragged it out to try to get it to talk to me about quilting it, it played pouting three year old and clammed up.

i made it to use.... hanging on a hanger in the closet wasn't being used.

so i posted on my LA chat forum that i'd be willing to trade quilting. monica jumped all over that offer. so off to canada my flimsy went and today it returned!

she quilted it with the 'splash' panto.

*clap* thank you monica for quilting my quilt....i'm excited to put it on the bed this winter!

here's the back!

(i love that fabric. i bought it at a end-of-bolt sale and it just sat in my studio it's being used too! i love bashing stash! i did, after all, buy all that fabric to make quilts!)

barney to find binding fabric....

(ETA: pattern is 'Rustic Cabins' by Lil' Miss Sloppy. found here. it's a 'beginner' pattern using a controlled stack and whack technique.)


  1. I am happy that you like it ad will be using it this winter.

    By the way, the backing looks like it has "folds" in it, no folds, just he way the fabric design runs....honest....

  2. Wow...the quilt turned out wonderfully!

  3. I love this quilt...I need to make one!!

  4. I also love this many uneven seams and squares....just such an awesome random look...I could never do anything like that

  5. beautiful...great team effort!


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