APQS MiniQuilt Swap

suzan in france was my secret swap partner, and has received her quilt i made for her.

this is her picture i borrowed...i forgot to take a good straight on picture...

she was very pleased and it worked out well- she collects birdhouses and loves birds...

but my pics show the quilting....

it is an original design using my signature fried egg flowers and my favorite new design: a blue bird (of happiness) standing on a spool of thread.

i added the butterfly cause i felt like it.

i have it on very good authority that my miniquilt is winging it's way across the pacific as i type! i'm anxiously watching the mailbox for a squishy!

i'll keep you posted!


  1. It's so beautifully done! How lucky to receive this! a lot to be learned just looking at your quilting!

  2. I love the quilt. I would love to make it and the only thing I would change would be some of the colors but the design itself is wonderful.

  3. I would also add apple buttons to the triangles on the right that I had done in green to make them an apple tree.


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