oh wow!

remember when i was in CA, i helped make a rattlesnake dead?

well, i thought that was a big deal. check out this article about a 6 foot, 6 inch eastern rattler that was killed on the GA coast back in july....it had 2 inch long fangs!!!!

...they say everything is bigger in texas- i think gerogia is trying to prove them wrong!

it's a 6foot long rattle snake!!!!!!!! *whew* it looks bigger in the picture because the guy is holding it's dead body on the end of a long stick....

guess i'll be carrying my pistol during deer season for more than copper heads and cotton mouths....

but, on another hand- i think the diamond pattern on it's back would make a nice quilt....(and a couple of hat bands)


  1. I saw that too. It made my encounter with a rattler here seem like a flea!!!!

  2. I wouldn't even get that close to a DEAD rattler!


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