new binding buddy

i remember these little pincushions from 'vintage' years. i've been looking for a pattern for a while and knew that blogland would be my most valuable resource.

i wasn't disappointed- penny over at Penny's Hand was my saving grace! she posted a great tutorial on how she made one. i immediately went to The Stash and picked some of my favorite scraps.

you know me, i had to make a few changes. i knew it was big, and i didn't want it that big, so i used 1.5" hexies. it's the perfect size to use when i hand stitch down binding. disappearing purple glue sticks are great for this sorta thing!


  1. Very Cute.
    I love the disappearing purple glue sticks, I took them from my daughter 2 years ago, and have been doing the same ever since. They are great when you don't have fusible web.

  2. bertiequiltsSeptember 15, 2010

    really nice pin cushion... love it

  3. Love this..thanks for posting. This might be simple enough to make for christmas presents!


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