quilt show preview with a surprise!

my friend vicki belongs to the Chattahoochie Evening Stars Quilt Guild and this weekend is their guild quilt show. tonight was the members only preview and vicki invited me to accompany her.

here are some of my favorite quilts: (there were no name card with the quilts cause of judging taking place, so i apologize for the lack of credit)
this is vicki's quilt from the spring block swap that i hosted eariler this year

(you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger, then click the back button to come back here)

i love the colors in this one, and i think this is a buggy barn pattern cause i think i own it....

i'm a sucker for folksy applique...

i like the colors once again- this had a sea tutrtle panto quilting design which was pretty cool too

this is the LQS's bom from couple years ago....she made two sets plus one

i liked the blocks...i like the sqs in the border...

another of vicki's- made from cutting up a bali pop

this was the BOM from The Quilt Show with ricky timms and alex anderson....it was very colorful- the picture doesn't do it justice

an applique i liked! loved the colors as well. i like anything bright and double like it if those brights are batiks....

another with a happy color scheme

i like the one big block-ness and it was lime green

this was my vote for viewer's choice.

another big block goodness! see the little pop of color to the left.....

here it is....someone has the patience of job...

another folky applique i like!

i  bought this great little tote from the guild's-members-made-it table....i love the vintage fabric outside and it's lime green on the inside....it was a STEAL for only $4!!! which i promptly put to use because....
...a vendor was having a 'special' on fat quarters, so i picked up a couple!

you can't go to a quilt show without supporting the vendors :) it's against the rules!

hey lisa- look what i found! i gotcha a FQ

remember along time ago, i quilted this quilt for vicki....it is a jenny beyer quilt kit....

well, to my (and vicki's) surprise....

it won first place in it's catergory!!!

it was a fun evening! thanks for inviting me vicki!


  1. Thanks for showing all those wonderful quilts...it is just amazing what people can do....and congrats on the ribbon!

  2. Congratulations on your win! Beautiful quilts, thanks for the look see.

  3. Thanks for the show and tell...beautiful quilts. Congrats on the first place! Lucky you, Lisa, that's a pretty FQ


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