kinda like riding a bike

having my priorities in check, i have totally got what i need to LA unpacked (my clothes are still packed) and 'sacrificed' one of my own tops to get Nemo all tweaked where he needs to be....
i learned a very valuable lesson i would like to share: not quilting for three weeks made a HUGE difference when i went back to it. i felt like a newbie.... i was all wobbly at first, but as i stopped overthinking it, it naturally came back....(this is the longest i've ever not quilted since i started LAing)

keeping that in mind- don't look to close at the looks okay, but personally i'm not overly thrilled with it.

i used Buggy Barn's first 'In the Pink' fabric collection. i've had this flimsy finished for, oohhh, like 5 years...well, now it's a quilt. i'll put the binding on it later.
see the sashing motif- there's a story (isn't there always a story?)  
i was at a fabric shop and was perusing the stencils (i don't buy stencils, i like to look at them for ideas)  one sashing stencil caught my attention, it was 'different' and pretty. i looked at the size: 1 1/2" x 14".....


i've quilted my fair share of quilts over six years, and i can honestly testify to the fact that i have never seen a quilt with that particular sashing measurement....but it was okay, i drew a quick sketch and modified it to fit my needs....

one more shot of the back....i'm sorta embarrassed to even show it....the quilting is all wonky....*shrug*

but it is a testament to the quality of APQS's machines....Nemo has perfect tension after over 12 hours of bouncing over 500+ miles of interstate...just saying!

(ps: 194 days til christmas...)


  1. I absolutely, positively, unequivocally LOVE that quilt, Shannon! Pinks and browns and creams and yellows, oh my! That is one of the prettiest -IMHO - quilts I've seen. And I know I'm not a quilter, but your quilting looks pretty darn great to me!!!



  2. Nemo's back! Glad to see doodlebug is back in business and working on her own UFO's. Keep 'em coming, they are lovely.

  3. bertiequiltsJune 15, 2010

    well, I dont see anything wrong so dont worry about it....we love whatever you do!!!

  4. i totally wish i had something valuable to barter with because I really like this quilt.. stories included. maybe you can send it to me and I'll put a less-than-perfect binding on it so the wobbly quilting doesn't stand out so much (hehe, like anyone other than you will ever notice). let me know if there's anything of mine you want, and we can talk, ok?

  5. Very nice quilting. It looks like you and Nemo are very old and dear friends.


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