i found another one

this is another quilt that i quilted before taming 'the stash' *giggle*

i love this quilt. i like the pattern, the colors, everything.

i quilted it with my signature E2E with a jewel-toned varigated thread.

i love blues, purples, and espically lime greens....i like cool colors. i'm a 'cool' kwilter

i fell HARD in love with this particular fabric. how do i know? my heart smiled and i wanted yardage, lots of yardage, of it NOW! :)

Hi, my name is shannon and i'm a fabri-holic


  1. I agree those are great fabrics. I love green and purple together.

  2. Another one bites the dust. Awesome. Want to share the pattern name and creator?

  3. Hi Shannon! (giggle)

  4. Ooh, those are some of my favorite colors, too. And I can see why you wanted so much of that fabric...it's awesome!



  5. This is abslutely gorgeous!

  6. Not quite my colors but gorgeous!! You done good butter cup.

  7. Hi Shannon, My name is Anne and I am a fabri-holic too and I like hot pink, purple, turquoise and green too! and I have a liberty and lurk on the APQS forum which is how I got here

  8. Linda CraigJune 23, 2010

    Love it, gorgeous fabrics and I love the quilting and thread you used. Very scrumptious!


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