Bash 'the Stash'

i have decided to bash my stash (bashing a stash is much more brutal than simply busting *lol*)....that includes finishing up UFOs. i found quite a fair share of those

oh lookie- here's one now! *grin* i started this one a looooonnnggg time ago in a kingdom far far away. when i started LAing, i quilted Ardelia's scrappy quilt. (*wave* ardelia)  i liked it so much i decided to make one using the not so desirable batiks i had in my stash (hey- they are considered 'vintage' now)

i have sewn all the blocks. thank goodness i had a couple blocks completed (note to you UFOers, make a block or two and throw it in the bag with the rest of the pieces, that way you'll remember what you were doing when you dig it out decades later) there were also a lot of flying geese in the bag, so i have no idea where they go...i called ardelia and she is going to send me a pic of the quilt....i think i remember where they go, but i'm thinking i might go another direction with it...stay tuned

i think sewing scrap quilts is the best. as i sew each tiny piece i remember the story every fabric holds...i have one little square left of my favorite all-time batik in there, there's the scraps left from the business card holder lisa made me for my birthday (the same birthday i had my wisdom teeth pulled), and there's pieces left over from all my other quilts.. i also decided i'm calling this quilt "FootNotes" as i was sewing it all together, i wrote little notes on the fabric. i pretend the whole quilt is it's own label :)

another neat thing i discovered is the unexpected color combinations you'll get. since i sewed it together randomly, (my only rule was that the same fabric couldn't touch- diagonlly was okay) and 'ugly' fabric transforms when cut up into 2.5" squares and becomes little magical abstract works of art....


  1. I REALLY like that. How big are the little squares.... 2.5" cut? I can see some scrap strip busting in the future.


  2. Wow....what a striking it!!

  3. Beautiful quilt. You've done an excellent job of putting the colors together.

  4. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    Looking good Shannon. I can't wait to see how you do your flying geese.


  5. AnonymousJune 19, 2010

    Hey, I recognize some of that fabric!

  6. It's a pretty darned cool quilt, Shannon. And those colors together speak volumes about your color taste - bright! I wouldn't be able to bash my own stash in these colors. Or if I did, my quilt would put you to sleep!


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