it is finished, and it is good

okay, before you look at the pictures or read any further click here and go look at amanda's havta click the back button to come back here...

this is the same quilt done in 30s repro. i wanted you to go look at amanda's then come back to see the difference fabric makes....

this is karen's quilt.....this quilt took forever. i had it on the frame a record breaking week!

i like the secondary designs some of the quilting makes...

check it first attempt at curved cross hatching

:the outside borders

here's more pictures....

:the feathered star center

feathers feathers everywhere....

and my favorite- the backing.  karen mentioned entering into some shows!

:the featherd star....looks very snowflakey

don't forget you can click on the picture for a larger view, then click "back" on your browser to come back here.....

:the borders...i quilted the fans to look like flowers on the backing...

i noticed blogger added a spell check, i always use the one in my google toolbar ....i want to be able to have pictures open in a new window....



  1. WOW! It is gorgeous. I think my favorite part is the quilting you did from the big green triangles, small triangels, quarter dresden plates, the HST right out to the piano keys. It all just flows so well. Great quilting design. Oh, and those cool hooking feathers in the star points of the medallion. The back tells the story. Simply stunning.

  2.'ve done a bit of everything I see tulips, ribbon candy and hooked feathers???

    And the back...did I say that I love backs!!!!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Absolutely beautiful!

  4. OMgosh Shannon, you're killin' me that is so fantastic! Your quilting rocks! And it's amazing how different fabrics change the quilt so much. I'm not usually a fan of 30's fabric but this one is an exception.

  5. Again, great feathered star quilt!

  6. This is the most beautiful quilt I have seen on Quilters Blogs. Your machine free motion quilting is so creatively designed. What an amazing talent you have!!!

  7. Your quilting is stunning, it makes this quilt so beautiful and the back!

  8. Beautiful quilting; I love the back, too! Are longarms much faster to quilt on than DSMs? They certainly would appear to be!

  9. Beautiful quilt and beautifully quilted. Wow!

  10. Wow!!! I love this one. Beautiful quilting...You did very good.

  11. Oh my gosh... that is the MOST beautiful quilt - from the design, to the fabrics she used, to your absolutely amazing quilting! You ROCK, girl! And she should definitely enter that quilt into some shows!!!



  12. Great quilts, but I prefer the second one! Your quilting is wonderful. Loved all the closeups of the back. This is my first time on your site and I will be back to see all of your great work!

  13. That is just gorgeous. It is amazing to see the two quilts with different fabrics.

  14. Very smart customer!! She knows how to get two quilts for the price of one. You did such an excellent job on that. I love the double effect of the flower quilting...amazing!

  15. OMG!! Girl!! You did some beautiful quilting on this !! Yea!! Your quilting my Heart Bargello quilt!!!


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