a customer quilt!

i feel like i'm getting back into the grove of a 'normal' routine...the holidays and the trip to tn...just haven't felt very creative or quilty... i threw myself into the bom planning so that was a nice 'healing' route....so it's nice to post pictures of my kicking-and-dragging back into life trip....

this is amanda's quilt...this is amanda's gorgeous quilt. i really like the layout....it was a big quilt: 92 x 108. i did keep up with a bobbin count on this quilt: 20 bobbins!!!

(ETA: someone asked about the pattern/designer: The pattern is "Vintage Moments" by Marsha McCloskey. amanda added the flying geese at the top and bottom to make it bigger)

i custom quilted it with CCing, feathers, and my little triple fluer-de-leis design.

isn't this a to-die-for arty shot?

makes you just want to reach out and touch it....


  1. bertiequiltsJanuary 20, 2010

    Love the backgrounds of the stars....very busy and it really makes the stars stand out.

  2. Wow. Shall I say it again? Wow, beautiful quilt, and the quilting just makes it. I love medallion, sampler style quilts. They have so much interest to them, while still being balanced. But, I always struggle with knowing how to quilt them.

  3. that's breathtaking-the piecing and the quilting!

  4. Does she have the pattern name and designer handy?

  5. Lovely quilt. And yes, it IS a to-die-for arty shot!


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