modern tradition testimonial

dear modern traditional switch sistah-

this is my first online swap, so i'm a bit behind on the etiquette.

i like long sunset walks on the beach.....wait...oopppssss  *giggle* my favorite colors are lime green, turq, magenta, and royal purple, fuchsia, orange; mostly the jewel tones......

i love L.O.V.E. Kaffe Fasset!!! and i'm drawn to anything heavily 'graphic' my favorite blocks are stars...(shot for the moon, if you miss you'll land among the stars)

i HATE red- ya know- fire engine/candy apple red....nope sorry.

i want you to make something that is you, but keeping me in mind...

here's  the link to a gallery i created....i couldn't figure the flickr mosaic thing out....i'm not a fan of 'dull' i like color- i'm not into fussy cutting, or tid-bit confetti can click on the 'mine' label in my label list to peek at my quilts....

i really am excited to be a part of this swap- i will like what you make! no pressure- be you! try something new....but mostly have fun....

hey- i figured out the mosaic thingie. i feel smart now. i shall reward myself with chocolate!


  1. No wonder we get along so well. We like alot of the same things...although Kaffe Fasset is something I have NOT gotten into...yet!

  2. Firstly, I am so thrilled a couple of my things were in your mosaic. Secondly, I read your post and laughed a lot. I am going to have a sidebar widget on my blog with quilt blogs that make me laugh and you are on my list of ones I will add on. And, if you have a wee moment, I'd love a pointer in the direction of how you make those mosaics - not a whole tutorial, just the page where I start - I feel such a dunce not knowing how to do them!

  3. I don't know how to do mosaics either...didn't even know that's what it was called. I learned something too! Perhaps I should have chocolate for breakfast!
    I like your reward system!

  4. I like the mosaic of beautiful quilts, how did you do it!


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