you say 'cheap' like it's a bad thing....

my faithful readers will remember that i mentioned that my bobbin winder was on it's last legs....bless it's little pea picking spurred the whole 'how many bobbins it takes to make a million stiches' post...

see the arrow...the hole that the spindle goes through to spin the bobbin was wallowing out and it was causing my bobbins to wind i get on the net to find a new one. i was shocked (to say the least) at how much these contraptions are selling for....anywhere from $50 to $70 dollars. that's crazy. my motor was still good, so was the rocker switch, i just needed the piece with the spindle on it....i'm not throwing out something that has only 3% of it broke....(the motor wins with 90%)

somewhere someone must sell only the spindle thing....i mean it obviously has that dorky homemade look to begin with, right?  guess what i found on ebay! yup, the spindle thinging piece for $7!!!! (plus shippingand it was a "Buy It Now" i love it when a plan comes together....i refuse to be defeated!

so now all i needed were a few simple tools.....(and i didn't even have to go out to the garage to 'reclaim' my stuff from davis!)

and wha-la....a 'brand spanking new' bobbin winder for around $11....sure beats a new one for $60....i love poor-person ingentiy....i'll show you later what i got off etsy with the money i 'saved' *grin*

i need to track down a brush for the probably needs a new one of those now too....


  1. Great save!!! you are very resourceful!

  2. I am in awe. way to go!

  3. Thanks for posting that! I dread the day when mine starts to "act" up! I was dreading paying for another one. glad to know you can buy parts.

  4. Hi, the prices you were quoted are ridiculous. Go to ISMACS or Treadleon (eg ) to find suppliers. I recommend Cindy at Stitches in Time - but only because I have never used any of the other suppliers.

  5. Prewound...who needs a bobbin winder?????


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