aster manor

this is wende's first quilt....ever! she did an absolute great job piecing it!  it smelled so so good too. i now require all tops brought to me be first pressed with best press....just kidding. it did smell really good tho...

i feathered the background of the quilt, CCed the blocks my way....

i ribbon candied that red border....and i doodlebugged the block backgrounds.

here's the back shot.....*drool* i love the way custom quilted quilts look on the back.

*NOTE* if you are a piecer that will send out quilt to a LAer and you want a custom job, give that LA a 'plain' backer fabric that will show the quilting designs....think of it as you're getting two quilts for one....the pieced front and the 'wholeclothed' back...


  1. Her first quilt ever? WOW!! She did a fantastic job. As always Shannon, your quilting is beautiful.

    Ardelia Williams

  2. The pattern looks like "Irish Mist". It's a beautiful pattern regardless and the fabrics are just beautiful and the quilting too!

  3. That is a beautiful quilt. The piecing, the colours and the quilting all add up into one gorgeous whole.

  4. What a great job on both of your parts...


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