winner winner

so i finally have choosen a winner for lucy's caption contest:

Cathy Shepherd said...

"Yeeow!!! Who left the needle in the quilt???"

cathy- look for an email from me....

geez, i miss her....


  1. Shannon, that is so cool. The pic reminded me of the look on my husband's face when he steps on pins. He found one in the shag carpet on the stairs one day, by getting it embedded in his foot. I wasn't home at the time, good thing, but I sure heard about it later. LOL. Good thing he's a soft hearted soul, who doesn't hold a grudge. (giggle)

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. They do become a part of the family, don't they?

    On a side note, I've enjoyed reading your blog. You do beautiful quilting and I love your blog BOM. Lots of bright colors.

  3. Such a cutie; I know you miss her. But what a great way to honor her memory. *smooches*


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