block swap

for those making blocks for my block swap, the deadline is in ten days!

i've been getting squishies in the mail all week. (my fried kristina came up with the plural of squishies: squashes :) ) ..last count was over 20, so that means everyone will get different sets of blocks. nobody will have the exact same blocks...

the blocks are beautiful! this will be a lucky set of recipients

i have found the next block for the next swap i will be hosting. look for that post around the end of may, first of june. it will be done in jewel toned batiks and Kona Cotton black....


  1. I sent mine Priority mail on Saturday. Hopefully you will get them today!!


  2. Count me in on the next one. Count me in twice.

  3. Only 9 days left to arrive in your hot little hands. I am sweating bullets...but will get them done! I have always come through in the past...why should this time be any different?!?


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