simple minds are easily amused

i'm the first to admit it doesn't take alot to entertain me. the other day i went with davis to homedepot and while he looked at something boring-ly electrical, i preused the switch cover selection. there are so many ways to 'customize' a simple switch cover to coordinate with different decor. i saw a tinkerbell and a Cars themed ones and was really hoping for a Nemo one, no luck :( .... then i noticed what proved to be the ultimate customization option!

they had a cover kit that you put wallpaper in to 'camoflauge' the switch. well, yours truly saw so much more than that. it has a plate that you screw to the box, then snap the clover to, so no visible screws....oh yeah....

so here's my new switch cover in my studio....(i drew it) when i get sick of looking at this silly guy, i might piece some scraps together, iron it to a stablizer, and stick it in many creative oppurtunities here...

if davis isn't careful, all the switches in the house will have faces....i do remember that they have duplex and triple covers too!

and there's more....i found a switch that actually glows when you turn it off. *giddy giggle*  his nose glows when the lights are off!

like i said, it doesn't take much.....


  1. You could make him a reindeer for Christmas!
    I have seen something similar, but the screws went through the plastic. I'll have to check out our HomeDepot for those. I think there is some fun to be had around here too!


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