happy easter!

these are the eggs i dyed! i love all the colors....i think that putting a little extra faux grass in the bottom of the carton makes a big difference....

i fought the urge to boil more, i was having so much fun dying....the fact that i'd be eating egg salad sandwiches for weeks was the only thing that stopped me  :)


  1. Happy Easter!
    Your egg dying is first rate. It is hard to stop..but how many eggs can a couple people really eat...

  2. You can share some eggs with me bc I didn't dye any and I love egg salad.

  3. you are right, the colors are extremely amazing.

  4. Happy Easter Shannon. Thanks for all the cards for Sven. You made his day with all the cute drawings! He thinks it is cool that I have a friend in Georgia!


    Oh! So very pretty!


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