sweet pea

here is alberta's sweet pea quilt. i think it's a pam bono pattern published in a quilting magazine couple years ago. it's a big quilt, 101"sq, so it was hard to get a full shot.

i did a leaf meander in the cream, and a normal meander in the grey. the green stripes got a curly cue....and i did my CCmotif in the yellow triangles.

it'll have some nice texture after it's washed.

here's a back shot. you can click on the picture for a larger view.

those flowers had me perplexed as to how to quilt them, but i like what i came up with.

just hope alberta likes it...

happy patty's day!


  1. oh my pretty quilt top and your quilting is just right! claps for you. Your picture taking is so good, I'm envious...

  2. Beautiful! You did a nice job on the quilting.

  3. bertiequiltsMarch 17, 2010

    Love it....love it...love it

  4. Another great quilting job.......pretty quilt!

  5. What a beautiful quilt!!!


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