i want one!........santa?

i absolutely have to have this vehicle!

calling doodlebug!
        to the bug-mobile.....
and it goes 'zzzzzppppphhhhhht' when you hit the gas....

i'm sure it would have awesome MPG....

here i come....putter-putt-putt


  1. Now how in Sam's Hades do you plan to haul anything it it...the dogs won't fit, the next bag of fabric won't fit, and I doubt you can get a weeks worth of grocersies in there. Cute yes...and I can so see you bugging around in it.

  2. Looks like a puffer fish VW. Weird car!

  3. bertiequiltsMarch 17, 2010

    that is such a cute car...perfect for you to riding around the circle

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  5. How tall are you? I agree with Bonnie! It is cute and that color! Gotta love it!


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