suits me to a tee

this is what i did today....this is erica's first quilt EVER! wow, her first quilt was a tshirt quilt! she has offically been bitten. she did a great job piecing it.

at the bottom was this little embrodiered square, and i felt so inclined to add little flourishes to each side of mrs. sarah's name....i liked it alot and was inspired by my own doodle...i also came up with a new sash/border motif when i was stitching off after oiling the bobbin....

today was a good quilting day, tater...


  1. That is just too cool!! I love your doodles!!

  2. Wow! I am working on one now for a customer. My first one ever.. and I will have to think long and hard before doing another one. Erica did a fabulous job. Very stunning. Of course the quilting on it is nothing but perfect.. big surprise, laugh... Sarcasm.. Obviously no surprise.
    I will post pictures after the quilt is given, and I have the okay to post it. I don't know what I dreaded more, piecing or machine quilting it. Did you quilt over the t-shirt part? I am having it bunching.. Scares me, I don't want to ruin this.


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