how many stitches does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop?

i was thinking the other day: how many bobbins would it take to make a million stitches? according to Bottom Line, there is 119 yds of thread on a 'L' class bobbin (what nemo uses)  let's take off two yards for tails and such and that leaves 117yds. 117yds times 36 to get 4,212 inches of thread. i set my stitch regulator to 12 stitches per inch, so that is 50,544 stitches per bobbin (have you just skipped to the bottom yet?) so one million divided by 50,544 equals (drum roll please)

approximately 20 'L' class bobbins will give you
one million stitches.
(in case you are ever on a game show and they ask...)

(i average about 20 bobbins every two, that's 2 million plus stitches a month...times 6 years of LAing is 144 million what started this train of thought? my bobbin winder is on it's last legs and i was thinking about how mant bobbins it has wound in it ever so useful i changed out the hook assembly)

*wish i had a nickel for every stitch i've quilted...*
(if you're curious that's like $750,000...right? ok, now my brain hurts)


  1. You need a new life honey! One without so much math consuming you!! Just get back to quilting!

  2. Perhaps the others are right, you have too much time on your hands {{GRIN}} I guess the hook assembly wasn't challenging enough, ok Shannon here's a challenge for are so good at what you do (you can quilt like the wind and it flows through your whole being) so why not become an APQS Rep? You would be one awesome rep for sure and it will fill up your time so you won't be figuring out how many bobbins it would take for a million stitches {{GRIN}}


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