modern fassett goodness

here's a 'hot off the frame quilt'. this is sarah's quilt. so much modern goodness....i didn't think i'd be attracted to fassett's earthy colored fabric, but seeing this quilt has got me second guessing that.

she even said i could post it for your viewing pleasure before she has seen it...isn't that kewl! good on ya, sarah!

(i double dog dare you to click on the pictures for a larger/better view)

this is the first time i have quilted a customer quilt with my topo meander. i quilted davis's t-shirt quilt with it, and one of mine. i love the texture it gives a quilt.

now i know someone out there is thinking that it looks a lot like dwirling and why don't i just call it dwirling...cause, to me, it isn't. i'll explain: ages ago, (in a land far away) davis showed me a topography map of the hunting club to explain why we see deer where we do and all i saw were the elevation lines and wha-la, my topo see, even the most innocent of redneck activities can inspire a quilting design....*guff*


  1. I don't care for Kaffe fabrics but this is kewl!! And I love the topo meander.

  2. Oh wow, that is a beautiful quilt! I love the fabrics and the beautiful quilting!

  3. That meander looks fun to do!! Perfect for this quilt.

  4. the topo meander is beaut-e-ful, perfect on that quilt...I'm liking the Kaffe fabrics too...

  5. I love this topo meander. Looks fun and relaxing.

  6. Shannon your eye for color is perfect and I love the quilting design.

  7. LOVE the topo.
    oh, and you spoil me. but i love it.
    i took pics of george and I inspecting each piece of fabric in the bags.. (he wanted the pins, i said no) so many good ideas, no time to sew this week!

    thank you!!!!!!

  8. Love the topo...I have to practice that one! Its a perfect all over!

  9. Hey Shannon,

    I am finally done with sewing expo and it dawned on me that you said you were posting my quilt. I just had to see it.

    I love the quilting!
    It is funny how in the pictures the yellow Aboriginal Dot looks lime green and the brown Roman Glass looks kind of purple. The colors look so wild.

    I can't wait to see it on Monday!!!
    Thank you so much for quilting it for me.
    I think my baby boy will like the pattern, too.
    Great job!

  10. I really like this, love your quilting too


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