trailer time!

"i will fight for you til your heart stops beating"

instant melt into a big pile of gooey goo in the floor....

'clean up, aisle two'

is it june yet???


  1. You are such a hopeful romantic!

  2. Me too Shannon,we are waiting for the New moon DVD, then we are having a girl's Twilight night. Roll On June


  3. Talk about a double entendre! I adored the first book; movie okay. 2d was a slow read; 3d was worse and 4th I just thought was plain ridiculous! However, this might be one occasion where the movies are way better than the books! Have to admit though...that line gave me chills!

  4. June 30th...that will be here like-fast! And since CrazyHorseQ started it, I will continue the review....
    the books? 1st one- good, the movie: ok (the actors didn't look like the characters in my head!). the 2nd book -dragged,I like the movie way better 3rd book-real good, looking forward to the movie...the 4th book-I almost stopped reading, too much teenage angst for this old gal,I wanted to scream 'just bite her already!!!!' but my young/romantic daughter made me finish---glad I did!

  5. The count down has begun at our house as well, my daughter Rachel is huge fan of the series.


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