ny beauty

this quilt belongs to joan. she made it for her daughter to be raffled off to raise funds for her charity. it was a blast to quilt. this quilt screamed out to me how it was to be quilted.

it is so easy to quilt a quilt when it's already beautiful to start with. i just feel like michelangelo who when asked how he knows what to carve in the marble said, "i don't carve the marble, i see what is inside the marble and let it out" i just see how the quilt needs to be quilted and i do it...*shrug*

speaking of the super bowl.....dangnabbit!  i'll be the first colt's fan to admit- that off-side kick at the beginning of the third quarter- simply amazing (and gutsy!)!  i'm glad the saints pulled it out and won. could you imagine the 'who dat ain'ts' making their super bowl premiere and not winning?? also, i live with a cajun- you want them to do something, tell them they can't. they'll do it for spite, just to prove you wrong....it was a great game to watch. sorry i can't say the same about that half time show....or the commericals....did i miss the inside joke about beavers????


  1. That photo of the scrunched up face is so funny.

    That quilt is amazing!!

  2. What a beauty of a quilt there!!
    Great job!!
    I enjoyed the game too and I am from Louisiana(cajun too)!!

  3. the quilt is beautiful, your quilting right on! I enjoyed the game but I must say I was disappointed in the commercials

  4. Great job quilting. I just took a class on Quilt Whispering- how to know what a quilt needs in terms of quilting, etc. on mqresource.com. It was loads of fun and so helpful.

    I also love your new heading. Kaffee Fassett warms my heart.

    And yeah, I didn't get the whole beaver/rodent thing either.

  5. Okay, so what was wrong with the halftime show? We cranked up the stereo and loved the music!! They're not as good as they were, but I liked it!!

    And I'm thrilled that the Saints won...sorry... *smooches*

  6. Great quilting! I'm with you, I thought the half-time show was OK, not great. It was safe. No chance of a wardrobe malfunction with The Who!


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