diamonds are a girl's best friend

especially when they are kaffe fassett fabrics.

this quilt belongs to marge. this would definitely be one of those customer's quilts i'd like to keep! great color and fabric placement marge!

i E2ECCed the outer border, the inner red border got my curly cue vine, and i feather-filled the patchwork. i used a jewel toned variegated thread in the top and a bright turq in the bobbin. i was extremely pleased with it.  and i was happy with nemo- the tension was perfect on the back even with the two different thread colors....i was like a 'whack-a-quilter' i keep popping out from under the frame from checking the tension so much...


  1. Wow! Love the colours, love the feathers.

  2. I love this quilt, and I love your quilting:-)


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