love at first glance!

i knew immediately how i was going to use this fabric the minute i saw it!

this will be the future backing for the quilt i make with my swap it was in the sale bin at 50% off....sweetened the deal a bit  *wink*

i love the lady bugs! i also picked out the setting fabrics for my blog's BOM, so that will be a future post....*pinkie swear*

(ETA: it's Backyard Safari by Johnny Karwan for ClockWorks. i left some on the bolt at Intown Quilters: 404-634-6924)


  1. 1) Where are you located? Not far from Shannon
    2) What makes a good blog? Varied, interesting content that is updated frequently. OK, I guess I'm a snoop because I like to read what others are doing.
    3) Who is your favorite quilt artist, famous or not?Anyone whose book, pattern, etc. I am using currently.
    4) Who taught you how to quilt? Me. My Granny was a great seamstress and taught me to sew but she did not quilt. When she died there were several beautiful tops among her things (I think one of her sisters made them). I had to learn to quilt to hand quilt them.
    5) Do you like piecing or applique better? That's easy - piecing. I admire beautiful applique but I have neither the patience nor a talent for it.
    6) Do you like patterns or kits better? Patterns. I have only bought one kit in recent years because it probably had 1/8 yard of 20+ different fabrics needed to make a wolf's head.There was no way I was going to try to find that many grays and blacks.
    7) If you quilt from a pattern, do you make your own patterns? Both
    8 ) What is your favorite fabric line? Anything Batik
    9) What is your favorite thread? Now here I do have an answer. Aurifil for piecing and even quilting unless I need or want a special effect from rayon or some other thread.
    10) Do you quilt for fun or as a profession? Fun
    11) How long have you been quilting? 30+ years probably
    12) How many hours a week do you spend on quilting? I don't count the hours I am having fun.
    13) Do you machine quilt on a domestic home sewing machine, mid arm, or long arm? Domestic
    14) What is your favorite sewing machine? I have a new Baby Lock and a 13 year old Pfaff. I love some of the great features of the Baby Lock and am getting comfortable with it but for now I think the old Pfaff is more comfortable for me.
    15) How do you spot a Professional Quilter from a Hobby Quilter? Is there a difference? There is the difference that Shannon pointed out but if a professional loves what she is doing (and to be really good I think she/he must) then a very good hobbyist is every bit as good as any professional.

  2. I love the ladybug fabric!! My granddaughter is doing her baby's room in ladybugs and that would be perfect!!!


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