it's okay for thread to show on the back?

so i just finished this mariner's compass quilt. teresa made it for the wall in her family room.

she used the QuiltSmart interfacing. from a LA perspective, that interfacing is tough on needles, it dulls them so fast. i only broke one (making the very last knot) but i ended up using 6.

i did change thread colors as i went. i saved the north, and south points for last. they were longer than the bed of my machine. i know from past experience that you need to quilt the large majority of the QuiltSmart interfacing, then come back and do the 'details. otherwise it can shift and cause all kinds of headaches.

when she dropped off this quilt i was a little nervous to see that the backing was a solid ain't 'white' no more....i hear all the time about piecers that don't want the thread to show on the back of a quilt *shakes head* shame :)

this is the first time i've used my swirly vine as a 'filler' in a large area. me likey!

i like the look of the pebbles. i haven't quilted pebbles in a long time!

i mirror imaged the ribbon candy in the points of the compass. i would like to add that it's really hard to ribbon candy on a 45degree angle. usually i do it in a straight horizontal/vertical border... and i can't quilt pebbles and chew gum at the same time either. *giggle*


  1. Really beautiful quilting!

  2. And you thought you needed quilting advice. You only needed confirmation...shame on you. You do great work.

  3. I saw this the other day, and didn't have time to answer. Quilting rules infuriate me. We model our work from our ancestors, and they didn't sit around writing up how something should be done, they just did it. I love quilting because it gives you so much leeway in expressing who you are. People who say you have to do it this way, probably can't do it themselves.. just my opinion.
    I love this piece. I think the colors add character, and dimension, and the only way you would want to hide the thread and the stitches would be if they are less then beautiful.

    Yours are beautiful, so flaunt it.

  4. What a wonderful job....and mother has quilted for years and she has always tried to encourage me to use other color thread instead of white...the back looks wonderful!!

  5. The quilt turned out beautiful!!
    Great Job :0)

  6. Gorgeous!! I think it spoke and you listened! I have a lonestar to do with the Quilt Smart interfacing...good tip about the needles!


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